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Biography and Destiny traces the human biography from life to death and beyond through its developmental stages. Each stage poses crises, challenges and unique developmental opportunities.

An understanding of these challenges and opportunities is invaluable not only for personal development and understanding but also for understanding children as parents or educators, supporting clients as health professionals or one’s partners or colleagues. Unnecessary and dangerous pathologizing of behavior can often be avoided in understanding of the developmental unfolding.

The Biography and Destiny unit also provides an understanding of the interconnection of the stages and when an opportunity arises to reset difficulties from a previous stage. Individual differences in relation to navigating developmental issues are also considered. In the understanding of these stages and their challenges you will also be using your own biography.

Location: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, 307 Sussex St Sydney
Dates: Term One 9 February – 30 March 2015

Continues in Term Two

Days: Mondays
Time: 9th February – 2nd March 1.30pm – 3.00pm then – 9th March – 30th March 9.00am – 10.30am
Cost: $280 (Term One)
Course Tutor: Karla Cryer

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