New Course: Meditation and Self Development

Meditation & Self Development

Working with the pressures of everyday life.

In modern times, work, life and daily pressures create a potent environment for stress and anxiety to develop. The digital age brings with it diminished concentration spans and a lack of focus.

In these workshops, through group exercises and discussion, we will learn how to meditate to reduce stress and anxiety, how to increase creativity and resilience, and be introduced to the practice of nightly meditations, as a way to increase connection and to assist with working through issues with students or others.

Facilitator John Pater has been working with meditation and self-development for many years and conducts regular workshops all over Sydney.

Chris Miliotis will give a brief introduction into the neuroscience behind meditation.

If you cannot attend the first evening you are more than welcome to begin on the second date.

Course Overview

Course Code: MBM2017 Meditation and Self Development

Dates: : 8th & 22nd of June 4 – 7pm

Cost: $55*

*Please see your tax agent for possible tax deductibility.

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Enquiries: 02 9261 4001

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