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Med2015 Foundations of Meditative Practice with Lisa Romero

This course describes how and why various meditations and exercises work to strengthen the soul and its relationship to the spiritual world. Rudolf Steiner gave many exercises and meditations to strengthen the human being through its journey of developing consciousness. Together we will explore the inner work, the birth of the higher self, the spiritual year and how exercises can bring us closer to our own experience of these processes. This will enable us to both hold and further our daily practices. Those wishing to establish a meditative life and long-term meditants have found this work invaluable in deepening their relationship to the path.

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LISA ROMERO is a complementary health practitioner and adult educator who has applied anthroposophy to her practice since 1990 and delivered  education enriched  with anthroposophy since 1998.  from 2006 the primary focus of her work has been teaching inner development and  anthroposophical meditation. Steiner Books has  published her books: “The Inner Work Path — A Foundation for Meditative Practice in the Light  of Anthroposophy” and “Developing the Self –  Through the Inner Work  Path in the Light of Anthroposophy“.

Lisa lectures and presents course and retreats on the inner work and anthroposophical meditation for professional and personal development.  These are offered throughout  the year in many communities worldwide. Lisa’s capacity to deliver esoteric wisdom with insight and understanding  allows her to meet diverse needs of communities and  professions.

For several years Lisa was the lecturer for Health and Nutrition and male/Female Studies at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College where she now continues to lecture the tutors on inner development. She also designed and facilitated the Educaredo Towards health and Healing course.  this training ran eight, year-long course working with therapists from all modalities as well as Waldorf teachers to bring the practical application of therapeutic and pedagogical methods.  She continues to teach numerous trainings and seminars for several organisations.

Essentially Lisa’s work springs from the inner work, meditation and exercises together with a dedication to the path of unfolding consciousness.  She brings a depth of insight that is reflected in the experiences and changes of the participants who share in this work.



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