Introduction to Parzival and Parsifal: 29th April

Introduction to Parsifal

This workshop is designed as an entry point for people wanting to read and study Wolfram von Eschenbach’s deeply esoteric text Parzival and Wagner’s version concentrating key elements into his music drama Parsifal. We will explore the great narrative arc, characters and themes of Wolfram’s text and listen to inspired moments of Wagner’s music.

About Jolyon Bromley

Jolyon Bromley - Creative Poetry WritingJolyon Bromley has been a tutor at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College for over 10 years where he has taught English Literature and creative Writing. Previously he had a career in High School education in main stream schools and at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School. He values the insights Steiner gives into the human faculty of imagination and how it finds expression in various art forms.

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