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Module F: Biographical Keys and Life Phases

Taking Charge of my Life’s Journey – Finding my Direction

The Foundation Workshop is a standalone seminar and at the same time it has a key function leading into Life Story Work and a Biographical Consultation Training. It is also recommended as a preparation for any subsequent module.

Taken as a single workshop it provides valuable insights into the themes, changes and turning points in one’s life.  It widens the understanding of the physical, social and spiritual developmental stages in life, as the challenges we meet at age 24 are very different from the ones we had at 18, or we will have at 63.
Strengthening and deepening self-knowledge, the workshop offers keys for future change and growth.

Taking the personal aspects explored in the Foundation Module further into professional development, many therapists, teachers, facilitators and consultants find that seeing everyday experiences as part of a whole life-picture has resulted in a deeper understanding of layers and phases in life, and opened new perspectives and approaches in their work.

Life Story Work contributes to resilience and health by strengthening the individuals Sense of Coherence (Antonowsky, 1970), resulting from the ability to make sense of life, to interact with and be part of life events and to contribute meaningfully to life situations.  Some just call it “to be in tune”.  From that perspective Life Story work helps to tune-in; to resonate with what is meant to be or to happen.

Course Leader: Karl-Heinz Finke

Location variable: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or other places – see Foundation Course list.

Foundation Courses can be arranged for a minimum of six participants. Please contact Karl-Heinz for more information.

Time frame always: Thu 10am–7pm / Fri and Sat 9am–6.30pm / Sun 9am–4pm

Module Fee: $490 inc. $77 non-refundable enrolment fee inc. GST

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Foundation Course List

Residential workshop
Canberra / Belconnen

Thu 24/08 to Sun 27/08/2017
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Residential workshop
Canberra / Belconnen

Thu 08/03 to Sun 11/03/2018
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Information and Contact
Karl-Heinz Finke
Phone: (03) 9005 6905

Enrolments close 1 week prior to the course date.

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