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(11/07/2017) The 2018 Gathering days are now scheduled for Thu 19/04 to Sun 22/04 2018 at Rudolf Steiner House Sydney

Gathering April 2018

Sharing our Striving – Empathy and Spirituality – Developing Sensing Faculties

As the two previous Gatherings in 2014 and 2016 created a very good platform for collegial exchange and support, we decided at the end of the 2016 Gathering to continue in 2018.
We also decided to have local Australian gatherings more frequently for strenghtening the colleagual network. Laura Summerfield has been the coordinator of such gatherings in 2016 and 2017 at the Harmony Centre in Mittagong. Make contact with Laura for further information:(04) 1760 9946.

We decided to meet at Rudolf Steiner House in Sydney again. The venue is booked for –
Thu. 19/04 to Sun. 22/04/2018 – starting Thursday day at 6pm – ending Sunday at 2pm.
Closer to the end of the 2016 Gathering colleagues who opted for an earlier departure regretted their decision. To demonstrate that the last day is not just a rounding of we decided to extent the program until 2pm.
We already started to communicate the Gathering dates to friends in NZ; India and Thailand. Especially Indian colleagues might need billeting.
As before, we scheduled the Gathering for the year between the big World Wide Biography Conferences and it aims to serve a different purpose.
If the World Wide Conferences are a networking activity making the width of Biography Work visible, the Gathering aims for a deepening of the impulse.

Guiding Thoughts from the !!2016!! Gathering

1. Deepening

This invitation is extended to colleagues who in whatever way, be it as their main profession or on a very small scale, implement Biographical Theory or Methodology. Being active or implementing is the entry ticket to our Gathering. Being interested to hear about Biography or Life Story Work does not suffice.

2. Diversity

We are keen to making as many applications of Biographical Methodology and Theory visible as possible.
In our understanding, there is not a specific or right way to do Life Story or Biography Work. There are as many ways as people and situations for bringing the work into being.
If you, for example, amalgamate biography work and counselling, art-therapy, curative-eurhythmy, organisation development, family constellation work, working with elderly people, nursing, palliative care, coaching … , or if you are exploring the life phase past 63, lunar nodes, relationships, single parenting … , please join us to share your results, the challenges you meet and your questions.
From the aim to individualise the work I would expect that Biography Practitioners become the Instrument of their work applying individualised applications according to emerging situations.
We hope for a variety of presentations and short talks making these individualisations visible.
The contributions above will form the substance and itinerary of our Gathering.
In addition, we might invite contributions from a medical and a psychotherapy professional.

3. Encounter

From esoteric-christian traditions, we know about the mystery of “where there are two or more gathered in my name” the being can manifest amongst them.
In that sense, our Gathering might also contribute to making the Being Biographia more tangible.

We hope for a variety of contributions form a number of people being involved in co-creating the Gathering. There are a number of possibilities such as –
● Presentation of 30–50 min,
● Short Introductions of 10-20 min leading into a sharing in plenum,
● Non-verbal und artistic-creative processes (of ? min) followed by questions and reflections.
These are timeslots to present tools, good practices, verbal and non-verbal exercises, new ideas, special areas of work, biography work blended with other approaches and questions related to biographical theory and methodology.
Please use the relevant section of enrolment form to let us know about possible contributions with a brief description. If you have a paper, send it.
Please also add any ideas regarding our Gathering which might add to the context but has not been mentioned above.


Beside the diversity of applied Biography Work in vocation and life, there is also time to share professional, contemporary and content related questions which might be connected to the following themes –
● What is the world asking from us?
● What are our clients asking us?
● What questions do we carry?
● What are the specific tasks of Biography work?
● What are the specific contributions Biography work can give to the world?
● What do we see as the developmental questions and challenges for Biography Work?
You could prepare some notes in response to the above. Some of the questions could be the springboard for starting the conference on Thursday evening.
Please respond as soon as you are 70% sure you will attend, at the latest until Monday, March 12th 2018
After receiving your proposed contributions, we will compile a programme and confirm your timeslot for a presentation. We will respond with a drafted programme two weeks later. You will be able to follow the development of the programme of our Gathering on this website.


Simple food, snacks and drinks will be provided for most breaks. We see the mealtimes also as a space catch up with old acquaintances or getting to know new people. You can bring your own food or gravitate to one of the many places selling food in the surroundings. For further information, please check our website.

Gathering 2018
Program – Draft

Thu 19/04 to Sun 22/04/2018
following Wednesday 25/04 ANZAC Day

Start and End
To make it worthwhile travelling from interstate, NZ and perhaps India or Thailand, we decided to start on Friday evening with a snack at 6pm and a first sharing at 7pm.
We will close our Gathering with a final plenum ending at 2pm on Monday.

Day Schedule
5pm Check in and have a soup
6 to 8pm First Gathering

Friday and Saturday
9am to 6pm
Plus open end (9.30pm) for initiatives

9am to 2pm

Finances !!2016!!
Following experiences made during the first gathering, we intent again to balance travel costs with fees. Fees vary according to travel distances.

Sydney and Suburbs BG21 $150
Rest NSW BG22 $100
Interstate BG23 $80
WA, NZ and other BG24 $50

Added donations always welcome

As much as possible please organise your own accommodation.
We might be able to organise some airbed dormitory accommodation, if that suits you.
If you need any help regarding accommodation, contact us preferred via email.
Please note that Rudolf Steiner House, Rudolf Steiner Bookshop or Sydney Rudolf Steiner College are not involved in preparing or conducting our Gathering. Please only use the contact details given on the next page.
If you have a bed, a room or a house to let for the time of the gathering, please let us know.

Letter !!2016!!
Registration form !!2016!!
Time Table Form !!2016!!

Please note
“This Gathering is about sharing experiences of using Biographical Theory and Methodology in any possible way and dimension, but not about being introduced to Biography Work.”

Start, End – Getting there

To make it worthwhile travelling from interstate and NZ we decided to start on Friday evening. That gives us full days on Saturday and Sunday.

Rudolf Steiner House, Sydney

307 Sussex Street NSW 2000
5-10 min walk from Town Hall- or Central Station and the bus stands at Queen Victoria Building


Karl-Heinz Finke Jill Hayes best option
(03) 9005 6905 Internet Phone (04) 5857 1612

Day Schedule
5pm Check in and have a soup
6to 8pm First Gathering

Friday and Saturday
9am to 6pm
Plus open end (9.30pm) for initiatives

9am to 2pm

Please note
Use only the provided connections for communicating with us.

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