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LY2017 Lyre Workshops with Renate Long-Breipohl

Course Overview

Course Code:  LY2017 Lyre Workshop with Renate Long-Breipohl

Location: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, 307 Sussex St Sydney

Dates: Saturday August 26, 2017. 9.30am – 3.30pm

Cost: $199 inclusive of $77 (non-refundable) enrolment fee and GST.

Please note:  This workshop is only available for students with a lyre, some experience and an interest in early childhood. EC02 students will be attending as part of the EC02 course. This course has limited availability.

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Course Study Outline

What one needs to know about children and music

  • Common practices of introducing children to music and their effects on children.
  • The development of the singing voice and hearing in young children.
  • Musical experiences which are developmentally helpful for young children.
  • Why mood of the fifth and its instrument, the lyre? The origin, the future.
  • The therapeutic effect on young children.

Getting to know the 7-string lyre

  • Techniques of playing the lyre: creating a good tone.
  • Catching up on reading music.
  • Playing songs on the lyre.
  • Improvisation on the lyre.
  • How to tune a lyre.
  • How to care for the lyre.

Lyre play as a help in the self development of the adult

  • Focus on sound rather than musical content.
  • Refinement of hearing: discovering the soul qualities of musical intervals.
  • Experiencing the benefits of playing the lyre for oneself.
  • Establishing new habits.

The use of the 7-string lyre with young children at home and in early childhood settings – experiences provided during the workshop:

  • Lyre playing as a group experience.
  • The lyre as support for developing the quality of listening.
  • When to use songs or lyre play in the mood of the fifth?
  • Creating your own songs in the mood of the fifth.
  • Lyre play and sleep.

What to bring:

  • 7 or 12 string pentatonic lyre.
  • A tuner (same as for tuning guitars), if you have one.

What is provided:

  • Handouts related to the content of the course.
  • Morning tea.
  • Bring your own lunch.


For further information, please contact the College,
Phone: +61 2 9261 4001


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