Open Residential Intensive

Eurythmy Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

OI01 Open Residential Intensive

Lectures, workshops, artistic practice in:

The Spiritual Challenge of Relationship – with Karla Cryer

Relationships offer the opportunity for potent spiritual development but can often result in destructive regression, a tool for oppositional forces. We will explore Steiner’s indications on relationship through karmic exercises, biography meditation, destiny learning processes and other exercises.

 Parzival – with Jolyon Bromley

Study of the esoteric novel ‘Parzival, a set text from the Steiner high school curriculum that is also a guide to spiritual initiation.

 Painting and Drawing – with Vanessa Snaith Gardiner

In this intensive we will develop practices through painting and drawing which strengthen and develop the physical, soul and spiritual aspects of our being, and give us new capacities to meet and see the invisible forces at work in our lives. No prior artistic experience is necessary and all levels are very welcome. We will work with form drawing, watercolour painting and contemplative drawing exercises.

 Evolution of Human Consciousness – with Fiona Campbell

Most societies define themselves by their historical myths and national narratives. It is a fascinating and endless journey, exploring this rich life-story of humanity. This course also provides understanding of the whole Steiner curriculum as a path of initiation via recapitulating the evolution of human consciousness.

 Inner Development – with Karla Cryer

Many people are aware of Eastern meditative practices but not so many know of the Western tradition. Steiner’s personal meditative work flows from this stream and provides a rich foundation for Steiner educators as well as just day-to-day living.

Projective Geometry – John Blackwood

Particularly useful to maths or science Steiner high school teachers, but also as a fascinating self-development, these talks/ workshops can lead to developing ‘an eye for form’ when we step into the physical world every minute of every day, and may also lead to a deepened participation in nature. The eye of the physical sees the phenomena; the eye of the mind sees the ideal. The conscious and truthful connection of both – it is said – leads the soul to reality, beyond the initial maya of both inner and outer worlds. 

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Date:   Sunday June 30 – Thursday July 4, 2013

Venue: Harmony Village, Anthroposophical Conference Centre: 11 Beresford St, Mittagong, NSW

Cost: Tutelage

$120 per day x 4 = $480

Food and Accommodation

$105 per day x 4 = $420

Total: $900 incl. gst.

Booking deadline: 13 June 2013

Bookings and Enquiries: or 02 9261 4001

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