DE03 Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education

Course Fee: $3000.00


Course Overview

Completion of DE02

Course Code: DE03
Course Coordinator:
  Sacha Walters

Qualification on completion: Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education.

Course Timeline & Dates

Part time over 1 year: 1.2 hours per week, 160 indicative hours.
2 x compulsory Residential seminars, 5 days each (January / July).
Residentials are held at Harmony Centre, Mittagong, NSW.


Beginning January 2018
Module outline and readings emailed/posted out.

21st – 25th January 2018
Residential 1 – 5 days at Harmony Village.
Artistic and Philosophical modules.


Beginning July 2018
Module outline and readings emailed/posted out.

8th-12th July 2018
Residential 2 – 5 days at Harmony Village.
Artistic and Philosophical modules.

Course Fees & Payment Options

Compulsory Enrolment Fee
$120 inc GST (non-refundable)

Full Annual Payment
Total Course Fee $3000.00 to be made January 2018

Term Payments
4 x payments of $750.00 (total $3000.00) at the beginning of each term (1st February, 1st May, 1st July, 1st October)

Food and accommodation are a separate cost, and always due 1 month prior to the residential.
$600 each residential, inc GST

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.


Course Subjects

Philosophical Modules

Social Forms: This module enables the students to understand the structuring of society in relation to social evolution from ancient cultures to elite globalization. It introduces Rudolf Steiner’s views on current social issues and examines the concept of a tripartite ordering of society; the economy, culture and rights and how it appears in modern society.

Goethean Science: Students examine through exploration of the principal ideas of Goethean science and through careful observation of natural and cultural phenomena – how this science is central to the development of anthroposophical spiritual science and Rudolf Steiner education.

Inner Development: This is an introduction to the Anthroposophical path of inner development and the module compares this path with other spiritual teachings. Students work with the rhythm of observation and reflection leading from percept to concept.

Evolution of Human Consciousness: In this module we ask the questions: What is the world and how do we describe it? What is our relationship to the world and how have we been shaped by it?

Course Subjects

Visual Arts Module

Clay ModellingPractical experiences in observation and modelling; Metamorphosis of form and creative expression through clay.





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