EC05 Foundations of Early Childhood (Distance) Enrolment Only

Fees: $120.00 *

* $120 Non refundable enrolment fee.  See below for full payment details.

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200 indicative hours

This course is an integrated study of Steiner’s picture of child development with artistic and craft experiences based on the rhythm of the year. It is a most inspiring course whether you are embarking on the path to become a Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood teacher or whether you are a carer, or involved with home-based child care or play groups. It is similar in approach to EC01 the Foundations Course based in Sydney. However, the opportunity to hear lectures and participate in workshops occur in TWO Residentials in school holidays. The residential intensive segments are a vital and compulsory part of this course.

However, this course also gives students the opportunity to study Anthroposophy, Life Phases, Eurythmy, Painting and Drawing which when completed fulfil the 100 hours of approved Anthroposophical study required for full certification. EC02 is then the next study on the journey to become a qualified Steiner early childhood teacher. Assignments are an important part of this study in order to gain the most from the Distance approach but are optional if there is no intention to continue with the pathway to become a Steiner Early Childhood teacher.

Course Overview

Course Title: EC05 Foundations of Early Childhood (Distance)

Course Coordinator: Linda St Clair

Tutors include: Catherine Pilko and Ebba Bodame, leading figures in Australian Steiner Early Childhood education.

Delivery: Via Distance over ONE year with TWO compulsory Residentials

Venue: TBA

Residentials/Intensives 2018

April 16-20 and October 2-6

Beginning late afternoon on the first day and finishing early afternoon on the last day.

Fees & Payment Options

Fees: EC05 – $3000 + $120 (non-refundable) Enrolment Fee.

Food and accommodation at the Residentials are extra – max of $600 each Residential. May be varied if course Residential is held in Sydney, TBC.

Please consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.

Payment Schedule:

On enrolment the $120 (non-refundable) enrolment fee is required.

Then 3 payment options

Option 1: Annual Payment in full at enrolment. Total Course Fee  = $3000.00

Option 2: 4 x Bi-Monthly (every second month) Payments of $750, 1st of each month. Total course fee = $3000.00.

Option 3: 28 Weekly Payments of $115;  Total Course Fee  = $3220.00


This course provides the minimum qualification needed to be an assistant in a Steiner Early Childhood setting (Government qualifications needed). Statement of Course Completion with Course Study Outline.

Course Study Outline

The EC05 course is comprised of 7 modules. Four of these modules are studied in common with DE02 Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education and are:

DSC 01: Introduction to Anthroposophy – The relationship between Anthroposophy and Steiner Education; The 3-fold human being; The 4 lower senses; The Temperaments; The 4-fold human being.

DSC 04: Life Phases – Phases of development of child and adult, soul types and life crises as a pathway towards growth.

DSCA 02: Painting and Drawing – Goethe and Steiner’s colour theories; Shaded drawing; Form polarities arising from elements and ethers; Working with darkness and light; Principles of line, dynamic and transition.

DSCA 05: Eurythmy  Movement as a creative medium for individual expression and for the expression of universal laws.

The other three modules are specific to Steiner Early Childhood education.

Module 1: The spiritual foundation of Steiner Early Childhood education. This module is designed to provide an overview of Steiner’s picture of child development. Part of this module includes the Festivals which provide an important backdrop to the rhythm of the year and offer a concrete path to reverence, awe and gratitude.

Module 2: The practice of Steiner Early Childhood education. In this module students learn how to work with imitation and example as well as exploring the importance and features of self-directed play. The power of story-telling and its effects are a key component here too.

Module 3: Arts, Craft and Music in Steiner Early Childhood education. Various craft activities such as doll-making are introduced to support the practice of working with young children. 

Submission of all assignments OR Statement of attendance with no assignments required.
Graduates of this course will have fulfilled the pre-requisite to study the EC02 Certificate Course.

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