Hands On: Arts and Craft Winter Retreat Mittagong

Course Fee: $415.00


Course Overview

Immerse yourself in imagination and creativity, with this three-day and a half day practice-based seminar in the picturesque Southern Highlands town of Mittagong . Join us for three and half nourishing days studying Goethean Science, Human Consciousness and looking at social forms while engaging with nature drawing, painting, craft with Goethean observation and lots of hot chocolate.

Course Code: ARCR2018

Fiona Campbell: Human Consciousness, Goethean Science and Arts.
Judith Clingan: Music.
James Goodlet: Working with community and school
Kirrilee Heartman: Handcrafts
Ganga Ashworth: Singing
Venue: Mittagong

Course Timeline & Dates

Sunday 8th July 2018, 3pm to Wednesday July 11th 2018, 5pm

Course Fees & Payment Options

$415 for the course (single days by arrangement)

Catering and Accommodation:
Catering available at $65 a day and Accommodation at $65  a night on request.

Booking enquiries to: distance@sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com or call us on 02 9261 4001.

Closing date for bookings is 3rd July 2018.


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