Module 2-1: Forming – Life Encounters and Relationships

Cost: $380.00 *

Course Code: BE44
Dates Residential Workshop: Fri dd/04 – Sun dd/04/2019
Fri 6pm–9pm, Sat 9am–7pm, Sun 9am–4pm
Venue: Canberra / Belconnen

* Includes non refundable enrolment fee of $77.00 inc. GST.


Dependency, Independency, Interdependency – Anima and Animus

How are relationships formed and sustained, changed and dissolved?  We consider the meaning of family experience, childhood and adolescent relationshipspartnershipsfriendships and collegial contacts.  In reviewing developmental themes and social attitudes we aim to deepen our understanding of difficulties and possibilities that can arise.  We will explore evolutionary-biological, socio-cultural, psychological-soul and spiritual perspectives to look at femininity and masculinity as qualities and polarities, and how they influence human relationships.  The family is seen as the primal experience and mould for the life-theme “relationships”, which will be looked at through the window of “Dependency – Independency – Interdependency”.  Further themes will be love, partnership, marriage and their development and meaning.  We will also introduce ideas on developmental phases of relationships.

Workshop fee: $380 inc. $77 non-refundable enrolment fee inc. GST.

Please note:

Module 2-1 (BE44) consists of one distance learning component, one weekend residential workshop plus one training component for trainees doing the training programme.
You can participate on the workshop without training component by enrolling for BE44.
Workshop times: Fri 6pm–9pm / Sat 9am–7pm / Sun 9am–4pm
If you wish to do the Training, you can add all training components of Part 2 by enrolling for BT42.
Training times for this module: Fri 10am-5pm

Information and Contact

Karl-Heinz Finke
Phone: (03) 9005 6905


Enrolments close 1 week prior to the course date.


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