Reading Your Life Script, Biographical Mandala Workshop

Biographical Mandala Workshop

These workshops explore our life phases and is a study of biography suitable for teachers, parents and everyone interested in individual development and the course of life.

In this 3 weekend course we span our biography form rebirth to post death to consciously grasp our karma and its intentions. Steiner indicates fundamental chapters in our biographical development. Chapter 1, the period 0-20 is the iron necessity of karma where our past karma incarnates. Chapter 2, 21-41, is the battle for liberation/transformation in the sun crucible.  Chapter 3, 42- 62, is service and spiritual development, our gift to world transformation. Chapter 4 the karma is now free; preparation and creativity.

Deeper penetration of the details of these chapters offers a clear reading of our life tasks, our transformation direction, our karmic debts, as well as identification of the obstacles, challenges, gifts and helpers in our life script. These are made visible in the mandala you will create.

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